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May 13, 2022

Dear Smithfield Staff and Families,

This 34th edition of the Back to School report includes our weekly report on COVID cases and an update on town data.  

A Weekly Report on COVID Cases

Since last week’s report, we have remained at an increase in the number of cases in the district. There are an additional 57 confirmed COVID cases. This brings our total since our school year began to 1,086 cases. There were 30 cases identified at SHS, 8 cases identified at Gallagher, 12 cases at Pleasant View Elementary, 2 cases at LaPerche Elementary and 4 cases at Old County Road Elementary.   

Town Data

We continue to see a steady rise in the number of new weekly COVID cases in Smithfield.  For the week ending May 7th, there were 83 cases reported in town. We know that this number, as well as the number of cases in the state, may be higher, since many are using at-home tests and are not reporting cases. We expect to continue to see a rise in cases in our schools, the larger community and our state. The number of cases in the state increased to 4175. The town rate corresponds to a weekly rate of 377 new cases per 100,000 residents. Our community rate is considered as having a moderate level risk for COVID-19 transmission. This data is available at  



Judy Paolucci, Superintendent