Smithfield Public Schools Superintendent

Smithfield School District provides an excellent educational experience for all students thanks to the efforts of our talented, dedicated, and caring staff and our supportive parent community. We take great pride in knowing that every school in the district performs well above state average on statewide academic assessments while also ensuring a focus on social-emotional learning and extra-curricular activities. Although we are proud of our past accomplishments, the Smithfield School District is also committed to continuous improvement.

Effective school districts hire and support exceptional staff, ensure safe school environments, and partner with parents and the community to enhance the instructional programs. We hire highly qualified and credentialed teachers and provide support and professional development to these teachers in order to assure excellent student performance. Our efforts to improve school facilities and ensure safety are highlighted by an elementary reconfiguration project recently supported by town voters and the securing of a $454,000 safety grant allowing for a complete safety audit and improved security at middle and high school access points. Our partnership with parents, businesses and the community enhances our instructional program and provides an enriched learning environment in which student thrive.

The district is governed by an involved and informed School Committee and led by a team of hard working and highly capable administrators who focus on meeting the needs of children and families. These collaborative efforts are a key to our success.

We hope you will find the information found in this website to be useful. We are pleased to share the good news about our schools and district.


Dawn Bartz
Superintendent of Schools

(401) 231-6606