Colliers is Chosen as OPM

At a meeting on December 11, 2018, the School Building Committee chose Colliers International to move forward for Town Council approval for employment as a Owner's Project Manager (OPM) for the initial phase of the elementary school renovations project.  On December 18th, the Council approved the award to Colliers International with a contract not to exceed $5,000.

Due to the need to decommission Winsor ES by the fall of 2021, we had been advised by members of the School Building Authority to secure an OPM from the Master Price Agreement (MPA) for the initial phase of the project. A permanent choice for an OPM could then be determined at a later date.

Five firms were chosen from the MPA list, based upon recommendations and known experience with school renovations.  Three proposals were received by the due date, December 5th. All three firms were moved forward to the interview, which was held on December 11th at 2:30pm.  The building committee reviewed proposals, discussed relative merits of each firm, then chose Colliers International.

Colliers provides districts with managerial and technical support for the design and construction of major capital projects to ensure that value of dollars spent is maximized.  In Rhode Island, they have most recently worked with Pawtucket, North Providence, Chariho, Lincoln, Warwick, and East Greenwich.

Derek Osterman and Martin Dow, the team from Colliers, will begin immediately to develop an RFQ (Request for Qualifications) for an architectural firm to develop detailed plans for our renovations.  Architect selection is critically important as it forms the foundation for all other work to come. As part of this work, the team will meet with the School Building Committee to discuss the process for architect selection, develop a timeline, and develop and manage the RFQ process.

Colliers will also work with our municipal and district leaders to develop cash flow models to inform borrowing.  Their experience working with RIDE will help ensure that we access any upfront funding made available through the State’s $250 million state bond and maximize reimbursements for all expenditures incurred.

We will seek their input on the eventual construction procurement options, such as the utilization of a general contractor or a construction manager at risk. Finally, they will help the Building Committee communicate progress with all stakeholders, including the School Committee, Town Council, parents, and staff.