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On Wednesday, December 15th at 6:00 PM in the Smithfield High School Auditorium. the Town of Smithfield and the Substance Use and Mental Health Leadership Council of RI will be sponsoring a Parents' Forum. This important event will bring together many experts in the field of alcohol, opioids, addiction, treatment and recovery to provide the necessary tools for parents to keep our children safe.

David Neill, from the US Attorney's Office, will begin the event by presenting the Circles and Silence film which has been nominated for five Emmy Awards. Circles and Silence is a remarkable sixteen minute film narrated by a diverse group of young adults whose personal true-life stories are mirror images of topics that impact every person who watches the film: Opioids, Addiction, Treatment, Recovery, and Life. Following the film, David and his co-presenters will have the opportunity to tell their story.

Deputy EMS Chief Jonathan Polak and Gateway Healthcare will share information about community resources and the Smithfield Safe Stations Program. The event will conclude with a Question and Answer Panel Discussion to include:

·         Catherine DeOrsey, MPT, IIN Health Coach,  Integrative Healthcare Solutions Founder, Executive Director

·         Robert Houghtaling, Director, Substance Abuse Prevention/Mental Health, Town of East Greenwich

·         Linda E. Hurley, MA, CAGS, President and Chief Executive Officer ~ CODAC, Inc. 

·         Fred A. Trapassi, N.E. Region Chief Executive Officer, AdCare Rhode Island 

·         John J. Tassoni, Jr., Vice President of Operations, Community and Government Relations

The Substance Use and Mental Health Leadership Council of RI