Infinite Campus Password Management Announcement

Beginning June 10, all users of Infinite Campus at Smithfield Public Schools will be required to enroll in the Self Service password management system.  This applies to all STAFF, PARENTS (all grade levels) and STUDENTS (grades 6-12) with Campus accounts.  

This enrollment consists of a few simple steps that will then enable you to manage your own password without IT intervention, using the "Forgot Password" or "Forgot Username" options that will be present on the sign-on page.

When you first try to login on June will be presented with a screen prompting you to set a "security email."

Please follow those directions and you will be enrolled

Then once you have set and confirmed your email and the will see the "Forgot Password" and "Forgot Username" options on the sign in screen.  Use these in the future should you have a password or username issue and it will send the results to your recovery (New Account Security) email you entered above.

Thank you.  All inquiries regarding this change should be made via email to and someone will respond during business hours.