Integrated Preschool

Smithfield Public Schools Preschool at Raymond C LaPerche Elementary School

Smithfield Public School's preschool is located at Raymond C LaPerche Elementary School.

If you are interested in learning about our preschool program, check out the Program Description page which includes our downloadable pamphlet and an application for you to complete online.

Please contact the Child Outreach Office to check on the availability of slots. We can be reached by calling 401-349-4350.

Currently we have no available slots for the 24/25 school year, but we encourage you to send your applications in. Often times, there is a need to fill a slot(s) mid-year. All applications are date stamped and held on file. Your child must be 3 1/2 to be eligible at the time of enrollment.

Call Jennifer King for more information at 349-4350 or by email at

New students will not be enrolled after March 15, unless we start a new classroom in the second half of the year and there are slots available in this classroom.